Haapsalu is a charming medieval town located on the Baltic Sea in Estonia. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or just a relaxing vacation, Haapsalu has something to offer. Here are some top places to visit in Haapsalu:

1. Haapsalu Castle – This castle dates back to the 13th century and is a significant historical landmark in Haapsalu. It’s located on the seaside, and visitors can take a guided tour to learn about its history.

2. Railway Museum – Haapsalu has an extensive railway history, and the Railway Museum provides a fascinating look into that history. The museum displays old steam engines and other railway equipment.

3. Kuursaal – Built-in 1900, Kuursaal is a historic seaside resort building that still hosts concerts and other cultural events.

4. Promenade – The Promenade in Haapsalu is a perfect spot to take a leisurely walk or bike ride. The path follows the coastline and provides stunning views of the sea.

5. Episcopal Castle – Another historical landmark, the Episcopal Castle dominates the skyline of Haapsalu. The castle ruins are open to visitors and provide a unique perspective on the town’s history.

6. Town Hall Square – The Town Hall Square is the center of activity in Haapsalu. Visitors can enjoy the view of the historic buildings around the square and enjoy some of the local cafes and restaurants.

Haapsalu is a lovely town and a perfect destination for history buffs and those who love to relax by the seaside. Don’t miss out on these fabulous attractions during your visit to Haapsalu.