When it comes to food, Gangneung, Korea, Rep. has a lot to offer. From traditional restaurants serving authentic Korean cuisine to modern restaurants offering fusion dishes, the food scene in Gangneung is diverse and exciting. If you’re visiting Gangneung and looking for the best restaurants to try, here are some recommendations to get you started.

First on the list is Samdae Gukbap, a local favorite known for its delicious rice soup. The restaurant’s recipe has been passed down through generations and features ingredients sourced from the nearby mountains and seas. If you’re a seafood lover, head to Jumunjin Haemul Sikdang, which serves fresh seafood caught daily from the nearby Jumunjin Port. The restaurant’s spicy octopus and grilled scallops are must-try dishes.

For a taste of traditional Korean cuisine, visit Sodam Hanjeongsik, a restaurant that specializes in hanjeongsik, a set course meal consisting of multiple dishes. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and serves dishes made with organic ingredients sourced from local farms. Another great option for traditional Korean cuisine is Jeonju Jungang Hoekwan, which is famous for its bibimbap, a rice dish topped with vegetables, beef, and a spicy sauce.

For those looking for something modern, head to CafĂ© Yul, a coffee shop that serves delicious brunch dishes with a twist. The shop’s signature dish is the cheesy bacon avocado toast, which is perfect for brunch lovers. If you’re in the mood for pizza, head to 84 Pizzeria, which offers a variety of pizzas made with fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

In conclusion, the food scene in Gangneung, Korea, Rep. is diverse and exciting. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Korean cuisine, seafood, or modern fusion dishes, there’s something for everyone. By following our recommendations, you’re sure to have an enjoyable dining experience in Gangneung.