Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, is definitely worth visiting. The city has beautiful modern architecture mixed with Kazakh culture that leaves travelers mesmerized. Here are some of the best things to do in Astana:

1. Bayterek Tower – This iconic tower symbolizes the Kazakh legend of a mythical bird who laid its egg in a tall tree. Visitors can take an elevator up to the observation deck and enjoy panoramic views of Astana.

2. National Museum of Kazakhstan – This museum displays the history and culture of Kazakhstan. It also has interactive exhibits and galleries that showcase modern Kazakh art.

3. Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center – This unique building resembles a transparent tent and houses an indoor beach, a mini-golf course, a shopping center, and food courts.

4. Nur-Astana Mosque – This stunning mosque can accommodate around 5,000 worshippers and has exquisite Islamic architecture with a beautiful blue dome.

5. Palace of Peace and Reconciliation – This giant pyramid-shaped building serves as a center for gatherings to promote world peace and understanding.

6. Astana Opera – This modern opera house features a blend of traditional and contemporary architecture and hosts various ballet, opera, and theater performances.

7. Ishim River Promenade – This picturesque area is perfect for a leisurely stroll or jog along the river’s edge while admiring the stunning views of Astana.

With its unique blend of modern architecture and rich Kazakh culture, Astana offers a truly unique travel experience. Don’t miss out on exploring this fantastic city on your next visit to Kazakhstan.