Otepää, a small town located in southern Estonia, is known for its beautiful landscape and rich history. It is a popular travel destination for those who love the outdoors, adventure, and culture. Here are some top places to visit in Otepää:

1. Otepää Nature Park – This nature park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. It is known for its many lakes, forests, and traditional Estonian villages. Visitors can hike, bike, or take a guided tour to explore the area.

2. Pühajärve Beach – Pühajärve Beach is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon swimming, sunbathing, or picnicking. The crystal-clear water and sandy beaches make it one of the most popular beaches in Estonia.

3. Otepää Adventure Park – For those who love adventure, the Otepää Adventure Park is a must-visit. It features a variety of thrilling activities such as zip-lining, rope climbing, and bungee jumping.

4. Sangaste Castle – The Sangaste Castle is a historical landmark that dates back to the 19th century. It has been restored to its former glory and now serves as a cultural center and hotel.

5. Lake Pühajärv – Lake Pühajärv is a beautiful lake surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills. It is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and hiking.

6. Tehvandi Sports Center – The Tehvandi Sports Center is a world-class sports facility that hosts various sporting events throughout the year. Visitors can ski, snowboard, or ice skate on the modern facilities.

7. Väike Munamägi – Väike Munamägi is the second-highest peak in the Otepää region. Visitors can hike to the top and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

In conclusion, Otepää is a hidden gem in Estonia, offering something for everyone. Whether you want to relax and enjoy the scenery or have an adventure, there are plenty of top places to visit in Otepää. Don’t miss out on this beautiful town in southern Estonia.